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Photo : Md.Saiful Aziz Shamseer
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The Humanity Project is an initiative to inspire a greater level of humanity in society.


The charity is compiling a series of exhibitions and educational resources that highlight and contrast what humanity and compassion can achieve for the wellbeing of society with the sourness, hate and violence that unbridled human selfishness and self-centredness can produce.

We are also developing a series of activities to engage people in a number of Themes of Humanity that relate to how we live and work together effectively and in peace.

The focus of the charity is the human consequences of different choices we make. The charity highlights what we gain from flourishing societies, what we stand to lose where prejudice and hate are tolerated and how the choices of behaviour we have made in the past and the choices we make in the future shape the quality of the society we live in.

Human Nature

Humans are not made good or bad. We are much too complex for that. We are the interaction of literally billions of chemical and biological processes. We are infused with an intangible dimension which we call "spirit".

We have many strengths but we do not have infinite wisdom. Just as our physical capabilities are limited by our physical bodies, so our capacity to understand and to know what is "right" is limited by our minds and experiences.

The Humanity Project

The Humanity Project is an exhibition and collation of resources that, together, explore human nature in relation to how we live together. It explores many aspects of Humanity for inspiration from the good and the great and to enjoy some of the creative genius that flourishes in its midst. It also explores aspects of Inhumanity for early warning signs of its advance and to uncover the horrors that lay in the wake of its pursuit.

Clearly our nature influences our behaviour, as does our past. But wherever we are in life and whatever our experiences have been, we never stop having to choose anew how to live our future. It is the product of the choices each of us makes and the influence each of us has on each other that determines our future destiny. A key question which this Project is designed to help answer is:

What do you will your destiny to be?

Statutory Information

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