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Photo : Md.Saiful Aziz Shamseer
Own work, Public domain
via Wikimedia Commons

It goes without saying that the judges will consider the quality of the picture or art. But judges will place at least equal if not more weighting on the type of kindness that is captured. Below are some notes about what the judges will take into account when they consider the subject of the picture. Where the kindness is all in the story behind the entry, competitors may want to be sure they tell the story clearly and crisply when they upload their entries.

What is kindness?
Kindness is helping someone else to achieve a slightly better quality of life in some way or another. We usually think of kindness as being direct, helping someone in a specific way. The competition is certainly looking for great examples of this.

The influence of kindness
The judges will also look at glimpses of indirect kindness. Here, the benefit is less immediately obvious.

Being kind influences those around us to be a little more kind themselves. How often have we been inspired by someone doing something heroic or something uncommonly nice? Or what about the influence we may have on people in authority to act slightly more caringly towards those in need.

Kindness has an impact on Trust. Being able to trust each other is crucial to our being able to work or do business with each other. In a very complex world, trustworthiness is very subtle. It is sometimes difficult to know when to trust someone. The kinder we all are towards each other, the more easily we are able to trust each other. That has a direct impact both on how efficient is the economy, on the strength of our personal relationships, and on how much at ease we and those around us generally feel.

It also has a role to play in Justice. Almost all of us crave justice, yet we see some levels of injustice in almost every direction we look. Kindness helps in two ways. It can help to avoid an injustice. Where there has been an injustice, kindness towards the victim can help redress the balance of injustice, at least in part.

The dilemmas of kindness
Finally, kindness throws up a huge number of dilemmas. How do we handle knowing we can be kind to one person when it throws up the possibility that another person may suffer as a result? Do we know what people are hoping we will do to help?

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