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Photo : Md.Saiful Aziz Shamseer
Own work, Public domain
via Wikimedia Commons

The rules of the Heart Glimpses of Kindness Competition are set out below. Please also take a look at the description of the competition and the objectives.

1. Entrants can submit a maximum of five entries, each of which must be a new entry, created and owned by the entrant alone. The competition is free to enter.

2. Entries may be submitted by members of any approved group, such as pupils of an accepted school or members of accepted clubs. Unless otherwise agreed with the approved group prior to commencement, entries must be submitted within three months from the date the group designates as the start date.

3. There are three age categories: 10 and under, 11 - 17, 18 and over (age as at the designated start date).

4. Entries must be submitted in digital format through the website www.humanityproject.net/kindness_competition. Each entry must include the creator's name, date of birth if under 18 years of age, contact details, a caption (title) for the image and an optional description explaining the image, and/or its background and/or its location. If you have chosen to create a non-photographic art form, such as drawing, painting, printed photograph, collage or sculpture, you will need to scan or photograph it to submit with your entry.

No entries will be accepted that, in the opinion of the Heart of the Community Project, are obscene, offensive, defamatory, commercial, inappropriate or which have no connection with Kindness.

5. Anyone identifiable in the picture must have given their written consent to their image being used in the competition, along with their parent or guardian’s written consent if they are under 18.

6. Judgement will be made by the judging panel within two months of the closure to entries. No judge, or family of the judge, will be allowed to enter the competition. Judges will have absolute discretion to decide on which image(s) they believe best represents Human Kindness. The judges' decision will be final.

7. The final Judging panel will be listed on the website at the start of the competition.

8. The winning entries, along with entries of the top runners up in each category, will be included in the Heart of the Community Project exhibition open to the general public. Galleries exhibiting the works may offer the artists the opportunity to sell their work. Any transaction agreed between the artist and the gallery will be made directly, and will not involve the Heart of the Community Project in any way whatsoever.

9. The Judges will short-list up to 10 entrants in each category. Shortlisted entrants must submit their physical work to The Pastures Church, High Wycombe by the appointed date. The judges will have absolute discretion to reflect votes from the general public in their judgement in any way they deem fit. In order to be eligible for the short-list, the selected entrants will be asked to confirm their ownership of the image, to produce written consent of everyone identifiable in the image, and of the parent or guardian if of a minor and to deliver the original of their image to a location in Maidenhead or at a location within 15 miles of Maidenhead designated by the judges.

10. Entrants will retain their copyright, but all entries are accepted only on the basis that the image can be used by the Heart of the Community Project or by people or organisations connected with or authorised by the Heart of the Community Project to publicise the competition or to further any of the objectives of the competition.

In particular, the Heart of the Community Project has the absolute discretion to display any entries on their website, either as an entry in the competition or in any other part of the website.

11. Winners will be announced on the website on Saturday 23 November.

12. The Heart of the Community Project plans to exhibit the images and to use them in a variety of ways to further the objectives of the competition, as set out on the humanityproject.net website. To encourage more people to enter the competition, most of the entries will be displayed on the website shortly after their submission.

13. Only the short-listed images or images specifically requested by the judges will be physically accepted by the judges. Once a competitor has delivered an image to be judged, it may be retained by the Heart of the Community Project for as long as it continues to use the physical image to further the objectives of the competition. When the organisers cease making use of the physical image, the owner may request to collect it from the organisers. If the Heart of the Community Project asks the owner to collect the image, it will be available from The Pastures Church, High Wycombe for collection. It must be collected within three months of notification. Failure to collect the image in time may result in the image being disposed of or destroyed.

14. The Heart of the Community Project will store only entries that were requested by the judges for physical delivery, from the time of safe delivery until the appointed time of collection. The Heart of the Community Project accepts no responsibility for any entries that were not requested directly by the judges, that are lost or damaged prior to their arrival at the appointed place or that are lost or damaged once they have been collected or at any time following the collection date set by the Heart of the Community Project.

15. Entries to the competition close on midnight of 21 November. The judging panel will complete judging by Friday 22 November.

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