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Photo : Md.Saiful Aziz Shamseer
Own work, Public domain
via Wikimedia Commons

"Heart Glimpses of Kindness Art Competition" is a photographic/art competition open to anyone.

The Competition
The competition is looking for the most striking, and thought-provoking representation of human kindness.

Take photos, draw or paint a picture, create a sculpture or any other 2D or 3D image of human kindness. The image must be static (ie. not a video, piece of music or any other work that runs over a period of time).

It may be an image of someone with a particularly kind look, or an image that shows the work someone has done that has been particularly kind. It may encapsulate a specific action or atmosphere which tells the story of a particular act of kindness.

The Prize
The entries of the winners and runners up will feature in public exhibitions. Their work will be shown in selected programs on Kindness in schools, universities and in public displays. They will be awarded a display quality enlargement of their work. They will be eligible for their works to be considered for inclusion in the Heart of the Community Project brochure on kindness. And all winners and runners up will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement award.

The Timing
The competition runs from Sunday 6th October to Thursday 21st November. It is open to individuals, groups, charities, schools, churches.

The Subject
We are looking for images which either represent human kindness or which show kindness carried out by a person or group of people.

They might be everyday acts, such as helping someone across a street or feeding someone in need, they might be acts of heroism, such as diving into a rampaging river to save someone's life or they might be of someone devoting their life to relieve the suffering of others. This may be one way for someone who has received a huge kindness to show his/her appreciation. The competition can be used by charities looking to highlight a particular need for kindness.

Age Categories
There are three age categories: 10 and under (Primaries); 11 - 17 (Secondaries); and 18 and over (Open).

The rules of the competition are set out on a separate page. They include the requirement that the image belongs to the entrant, that permission is given for its use by the Heart of the Community Project to carry out the objectives of the competition and that consent is obtained for its use from anyone recognisable in the image.

To enter the competition, photos or art must be submitted in digital format in the "Enter the Competition" section. Any non-digital image, such as a drawing, painting, printed photograph, collage or sculpture, should be scanned or photographed, and the digital image submitted. If shortlisted, all original works will need to be delivered to the judges in physical format for final judgement.

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